Exposition of innovative companies of Volgograd

Exposition of the leading innovative companies of Volgograd region was recognized the best one in “X federal anniversary exhibition-forum "Days for small and medium business in Russia - 2011" which was held in the Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow.

The exhibitors were OOO “Termalkom”, which produces heat-insulating polymer coating ASTRATEK, special priming and decorative-protective materials GROSS; ZAO NPO “Europa-Biofarm”, which produces foodstuffs, cosmetics, medicines and biologically active supplements with polyfunctional and bioregulatory features; OOO “Constant-2”, which develops and implements innovative composite materials based on polymers, ZAO “VATI-AUTO", which is a manufacturer and developer of asbestos-free jointing and technical products for the automotive industry, OOO "Russian Engineering Center of Modern Technology”, produced high-tech laboratory equipment which is necessary for electrical laboratories.

At the exhibition-forum they demonstrated samples of the products and the best developments. It is necessary to mention that Volgograd exhibition was prepared by two departments of the regional administration: business development department and investment and development department.

At the exhibition the regional representatives mentioned that this forum is a recognized show of entrepreneurship in Russia, which provides a unique opportunity for the business community and authority to discuss actual problems and to find the methods of their solution "at the table ". Moreover, here the subjects of the Federation may exchange experiences, forms and methods of supporting and developing of small and medium businesses. Over 400 enterprises from 35 regions of the country took part in this exhibition.

As a result of the exhibition-forum Volgograd companies were awarded diplomas of All-Russian Exhibition Centre, and the Head of Administration of Volgograd region, Anatoly Brovko was awarded the Medal “Laureate of All-Russian Exhibition Centre ".

Source of information is www.volganet.ru

Agency of Strategic Initiatives

May 25, 2011 Prime Minister of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin held a videoconference on the occasion of presentation of the project "Agency for Strategic Initiatives”, which was attended by General Director of NPO “Europa-Biofarm" Mikhalev Vladimir Yurievich.


All-round support is for local commodity producers

May 19, 2011 in Volgograd Philharmonic the Regional Forum “All-round support is for local producers" was held. ZAO NPO "Europa-Biofarm” was awarded the diploma "The Best Exposition in 2011 " for participating in the contest.


13.04.2011 Let’s protect ourselves from Japan radiation taking “Yuglanex”!

The Fukushima radioactive cloud has already spread across the entire globe (according to messages of mass media). Radioactive particles were found in atmosphere over the USA, China, Korea, Iceland and other countries. "Yes, there are not so many particles and they are high in atmosphere. But sooner or later they will be below", - the representative of international ecological group "Ecozashchita" has declared.

According to the specialists’ information, today traces of radioactive iodine had been detected in  Primorye and they can reach the central Russian region, including  St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan and others.  As it is known, iodine accumulates first of all in the thyroid gland, which absorbs the certain and limited quantity of iodine. The other iodine including radioactive iodine will not be absorbed. To prevent absorption and harmful action of radioactive iodine, we suggest Russian people to use natural preparations from green walnuts contained natural iodine: "Yuglanex" and “Tsar’s acorn” in syrup and capsules. We recommend also other our products: "Calcimin", "Jakol". Such prevention will help not only to protect, but also to support an organism which is weak after a winter.

XIII exhibition of perfumery and cosmetics "Silver lily-of-the-valley".

From March 24 till March 27, 2011 XIII exhibition of perfumery and cosmetics "Silver lily-of-the-valley” has passed in the exhibition centre "Fair of Nizhny Novgorod". Europa-Biofarm ZAO NPO received a diploma for active part and demonstration of products under the slogan "There is no beauty without health".

Our natural food supplements “Calcimin” and “Biol” were very popular.

Silver lily-of-the-valley

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