Development strategy

Specialists of our company worked out investment projects in reconstruction of current and organizing new manufactures in accordance with standards GMP. These projects are at different stages of implementation at present.

R&D of innovative developments is partially financed from the state budget according to programs «Start» and Federal target program.

All projects are combined in general technological line and directed at organizing the processing complex of agricultural raw material to increase amount of processing melons and gourds. This technological line has common title:


Formation of the cluster for complete processing of plant raw material to receive competitive and import substituting products of engineering, food, pharmaceutical, veterinary and cosmetics purpose

Europa-Biofarm ZAO NPO received National Rating COFACE – ARB - CCR:BB

Presentations are in .zip format, to view them you need to decompress:

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презентация.zip тыквеол

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презентация.zip рыбные корма

презентация.zip комбайн

презентация.zip старт 09


Health resumption of children and teenagers with Russian natural biocorrectors (in Russian)

Assistance in breast feeding «Mother and child» (in Russian)


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