I have breast pain before menstruation and an induration in the left mammary gland. The doctor diagnosed me mastopathy. I underwent treatment course, indurations diminished, but they were not fully resolved and the pain remained. Pharmacist advised me to take elixir “Tsar’s acorn” produced from walnut. I begun to add 1 table spoon to tea daily. In a month I have felt better. As the result - mastopathy symptoms dissappeared and now I sleep soundly, stool is normalized. I do not get irritated at a mere nothing. I would like to thank those people who are concerned about our health and produces natural and affordable products which help us to be happy in life!!!

Cherdyntseva Е.

Before New Year Europa-Biofarm made me a present, as I am a veteran of Great Patriotic War . There were food supplements in it. I would like to thank Europa-Biofarm for Prostamen and Prostabin. I am an elderly person and I have great problem with the prostate gland, especially at night. I need to wake up often because of pollakiuria . I begun to take Tykveol and I have felt great relief in 2 weeks. Thank you very much for such present. I wish you good health and wellbeing with all my heart.

Sokolov B.N., г. Волгоград.
I would like to express my gratitude to the producer Europa-Biofarm ZAO NPO for the drug Tykveol. I had a heartburn for a long time and I took Reny, Gastal which are widely advertised. But I had only short-time pain relief and besides that I had also side effects, for example, diarrhea. I was advised to buy Tykveol. Now when I have heartburn, I take 1-2 teaspoons of Tykveol and disagreeable feeling disappeares in 5 minutes. Thank you very much one more.

Alex R.


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