Agro-industrial forum "GOLDEN AUTUMN 2010"

Europa-Biofarm ZAO took part in the major Russian agroindustrial forum “Golden Autumn 2010”. The forum was from October 1 till October 4th, 2010 on the territory of the All-Russia Exhibition Center in Moscow where our products were presented. On October 1st the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation V.V.Putin visited the exhibition. Our company was represented by: the general director Mikhalev V. U., the deputy general director Mikhaleva M. A, the head of active sales department Alpatova M. A and the manager of the department of foreign economic activities Dudkina L.V.

A number of high-ranking officials visited the stand of Europa-Biofarm ZAO during the forum. As a result, the deputy director of  the department of scientifical and technological policy of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Sorokin Nikolay Timofeevich has expressed the readiness to help our company in promotion of the product and agricultural machinery.

The vice-president of Committee on Food Industry and Processing Industries of Stavropol krai Hlopyanov Andrey Georgievich and deputy minister of agriculture of Republic of Adygei Muhamedzhanov Aslan Harisovich have agreed to meeting with our company’s administration to discuss questions on cooperation concerning planting and cultivation of pumpkin. Delegation of Europa-Biofarm ZAO visited an exposition of Krasnodar krai and exchanged contacts with the governor Tkachev Alexander Nikolaevich, and agreed about the further mutually advantageous cooperation on cultivation of watermelons.


 Agro-industrial forum


 Agro-industrial forum


Orthodox exhibition "Epiphany"

From 15 till 22 January, 2010 the orthodox exhibition “Epiphany” occurred in All-Russian Exhibition Centre in hall 69.

Europa-Biofarm ZAO and subsidiary company "Laboratory "Frior" demonstrated their products. Oils from fruits, vegetables, greens and flour from pumpkin seeds and chick-pea were widely popular. Biologically active food supplements, such as Jakol, Prostamen, Tsar’s Acorn aroused keen interest.

"Laboratory "Frior" demonstrated cosmetics on natural basis and new product – cosmetic soap with silk peptides


Heart matters
Thursday, 04 February 2010 14:30

Thursday, 04 February 2010 14:30

“League of National Health” headed by famous cardio surgeon Leo Bokeria celebrated tenth anniversary of All-Russian charitable action “Touch the heart of a child ” with ceremonial event.

To celebrate jubilee celebrations cardiosurgeons, representatives of local authority, regional departments of   public organizations and organizations which took active part in the league actions and projects came to Moscow. One of such organizations is Scientific-production association «Europa-Biofarm». Its program “Health recovery of children and teenagers of Volgograd region using natural biocorrectors” was  appreciated highly by the League of Nations’ Health.


As it was mentioned previously, today there are 14 women categories with risk of birth children with congenital heart disease. These women are those who had viral infections, stresses, irradiation in the first term. To exclude or to neutralize such unfavourable factors, Europa-Biofarm NPO worked out a program of regular meals and maintenance of health of pregnant women and nursing mothers by means of natural products.


About 10 000 children with congenital heart disease burn every year according to data of ROSSTAT in Russia. Tendency to health impairment of children and teenagers has been marked during latest ten years in our country.  According to results of All-Russian medical examination only 32,1 % of children are healthy, 51,7 % - with functional  deviations, 16,2 % - with chronic diseases. Morbidity of children at the age under 14 has been increased by 42,5% during the latest ten years (practically in all disease classes). Undoubtedly in such situation it is necessary to take effective measures to cardinal change of situation. That is why programs of «Europa- Biofarm» based on unmedicamentous health recovery of mothers and children with the help of natural domestic preparations are especially actual.


Production of qualitative and available natural preparations, focus on privileged national projects, improvement of  demographic  situation, health improvement of the nation are the main activity direction of  Europa-Biofarm ZAO NPO. Non indifferent company attitude was mentioned on  jubilee celebrations of  League of  Nations’ Health and this confirmed one more high degree of the state confidence in company of Volgograd region.


Note of thanks

In October, 2009  employees of Europa-Biofarm CJSC SPA were presented with a  note of thanks issued by the Head of  Volgograd region Administration N.K.Maksyuta for long-term effective activity on organization of exhibitions.

Note of thanks

“Health Palette” is walking across the country!
Wednesday, 26 August 2009 08:59

New year 2009 gave residents of Volgograd, Moscow and Ufa (besides other presents) new boutiques “Health  Palette” for those who likes the  new, fine and effective things in the world of health.  “Health  Palette” is Russian  boutique network of SPA nutrition and natural cosmetics of Europa-Biofarm CJSC SPA (Volgograd). Learn more about the new and let it help you to stay healthy, beloved and cherished because products of Europa-Biofarm were produced with love. We are working out and producing the demanded products of natural origin during 18 years for you and your health!   We wait for you in boutiques “Health  Palette”!

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