«OKI» - cream for eyelids with silk proteins
Форте очищающая крем маска

Cream has gentle structure and it ideally suits the eyelid skin which is in need of tone, elasticity, moistening and lifting. It tones, nourishes, moistens and favours the skin regeneration, prevents it from an environment influence. The cream restores the skin elasticity and flexibility when it is regularly applied.

- glycerine of natural origin favours moistening, softening and application; - silk proteins are absorbed by the skin and have excellent moistening effect, they improves derma and epidermis metabolism and have regulatory action on the melanin level, favour the smoothing of wrinkles; - vitamin С – it prevents the skin cells from stress, improves protein synthesis. Apply cream carefully around the eyes; pat gently. To receive more effect, apply the cream in the morning and at night, perhaps as the basis for makeup. Don’t massage.

«FORTЕ» - cleansing cream-musk with phospholipids
Форте очищающая крем маска This is an ideal dual care: cleansing and nourishing for any skin type and especially for sensible, thin and dry skin. Cream-musk removes dead skin cells, clears pores (dark sports). Amino acids, phospholipids and vitamins nourish your skin, accelerate energy metabolism, activate the immunodefence system.

Put cream-musk on the face and then roll down a semihumid mask. Then wash off the face.

«» - daily cream with melon seed oil

Cream moistures the skin and has an ultraviolet protection. It could be the basis of make-up.

Cream has positive effect on the skin with marked vascular netting. Cream “RA” whitens the skin, prevents pigmentation and photodegradation.

In salon cream “RA” could be used as whitening musk.


«TYCVEOLIK» - moistening day cream with pumpkin seed oil

Cream betters a skin structure, restores moisture loss. Vitamin complex A, E and C, being strong antioxidant, has an expressed softening effect, neutralizes dryness, skin shrinking and exfoliation. Cream positively influences on the skin functional characteristics: moisture, elasticity and tonus. It considerably betters a resistibility of the skin capillary system.


«STEPPEN GINSENG» - 24 hours face cream with licorice extract

Cream is suitable as for daily care, so for night care of fading face skin. It also could be used as prophylactic means against aging.

Licorice extract is a natural phyto-oestrogen, which stimulates a formation of the collagen fiber, actively prevents wrinkle deepening and appearance of new wrinkles. Cream has soft cleansing effect thanks to glycyrrhetinic acid, regulates melanin synthesis and makes a skin color more equal. Cream removes skin irritation and edema.

In salon “Steppen Ginseng” is used as massage means in aggregate with an apricot oil and also as a whey for flexible and thermal masks to care for fading skin of the face. Oil produced from apricot pulp will better a massage efficiency and also make a fading and dry skin more flexible and fresh.

«FORTE» - nourishing face cream with minerals of the lake “Elton”

Форте очищающая крем маска

Oil complex from grape seeds, water-melon and tomato seeds is effective for correction of aging symptoms. Cream is good for an age fatty and combined skin.

Lipid complex with vitamins (?-carotene, licopin, lutein) normalizes an acid-base balance in tissues, regulates sebaceous glands function.

Minerals of the lake “Elton” have local anti-inflammatory, anaesthetic and soluble effect, better tissue trophism, increase and mobilize an adaptive mechanism.

Grape seed oil is a good antioxidant. It normalizes a function of the cells’ self-defense against free radicals, renews their ability for regeneration, and prevents from a skin aging.

In salon the cream could be used as a massage means in aggregate with water-melon oil and also as serum for plasticized and thermal masks. Water-melon oil improves effect of the cream thanks to varied composition of vitamins B, fruit acid and provitamins of calciferol.


«TYCVEOLIK» - nourishing night cream for face with pumpkin seed oil

Cream is good for dehydrated skin and dry face skin.

Great amount of lipids, contained in the cream, nourishes and favours to retention of the epidermis water balance, so this reduces amount of wrinkles caused with xeroderma. Cream has a regenerative effect. “Vinilin’, contained in the cream, enriches skin with microelements, it normalizes cell activity and restores protective features.

In salon the cream could be used as a massage means in aggregate with oil and pulp of pumpkin, and also as serum for plasticized and thermal masks. Healthy properties of the pumpkin oil “Golden Valley” better massage quality and cream effect.


«АZZAZELLO» - nourishing night cream for face with tomato oil

Cream, contained amino acids, trace elements and ultra-elements, is excellent means for tired and fading skin of face, neck and d?collet?.

Thanks to oil of grape seeds and vitamins A and E, the cream renews the skin at night and during intensive metabolic processes. Licopin and ? – carotin, ingredients of the tomato oil improve an immune system and skin protective functions, favour normal process of the cells recovery, prevent from skin neoplasm.

The skin will be soft, elastic and fresh.

In salon the cream “Azzazello” could be used as immunomodulator mask.


«LILLA» - lifting cream-musk for face with immortelle extract and watermelon seed oil

Cream-mask is good for nonelastic skin.

It is specific means enabling skin lifting. Ingressed polysaccharides participate in immune reactions, favour recovery of the epithelial cells, better skin turgor. An immortelle extract increases collagen production, it betters microcirculation. Cream - mask tightens the skin, makes it elastic and flexible, tones it up.

In salon the cream-mask could be used in the program of lifting therapy.


«EMUT» - anti-cellulitis body cream with pumpkin seed oil

Pumpkin seed oil and ostrich fat better metabolic processes in tissues, soften and moisture the skin, relieve joint pain and joint inflammation.

Fat of the ostrich EMU is quickly absorbed and used as a trans-dermal carrier of biologically active substances in deep layer of epidermis.

Cream has softly gel texture with pleasant mint aroma. It could be used as massage means at home and in salon. Cream is effective for removal of the skin problems. It could be used for wrapping in a program of body correction, for taking off the foot’s tiredness. The mint calms and tones up muscles. Cream is used for relieving inflammation caused with solar burn.


«GOLDEN LAKE» - cream-scrub with minerals of the lake “Elton”

Cream-scrub, contained oil of grape seed, water-melon seed, tomato seed, gently removes dead skin cells, absorbs extra skin fat and it favours a pore constriction.

Salts of the lake “Elton”, contained sulphates of magnesium, sodium and potassium, have softening, absorbable and anti-inflammatory effects.

Сream-scrub is good for normal, fat and combined skin. It could be used for face cleansing at home and in salons.


«GOLDEN LAKE» - cream-mask for face with therapeutic mud of the lake “Elton”

Cream-mask is good for intensive care for combined and fatty skin inclined to inflammation. Cream-mask contains therapeutic mud of the lake “Elton”, which has a regenerating, an anti-inflammatory, an anti-oxidant effect and effect of metabolic process stimulation.

Excessive skin fattiness is removed during course application of the cream-mask. The mask reduces odema and hyperaemia, it tightens pores.

In salon the cream-mask “Golden Lake” could be used as a mask in the treatment program of fatty and inflammatory face skin.


«FORTE» - hand cream with walnut oil

Cream is good for hand care for the purpose of correction and prevention of skin aging because this area subjects to early fading.

Walnut oil stimulates the skin metabolic processes and increases its regenerative properties. Natural oils and wax, contained in the cream, have nourishing and protective effect.


«VELVETY HEELS» - feet cream with walnut oil and stearic acid

Cream deeply nourishes and moistens the feet skin. Vitamins B1, B2, C, PP and carotene, tanning agents, sterols, quinones remove stagnant effects in soft tissues, normalizes blood microcirculation and capillary permeability.

When cream is regularly applied, feet chronic tiredness syndrome caused with daily load, friction and pressure of shoes is disappeared.

Cream has a bactericidal defence, when sweating, wound and rima healing. It allows to preserve excellent and prolonged effect of pedicure.

In salon the cream could be used for pedicure and SPA - pedicure together with massage means and for paraffin bath.


«TOPAZ» -  anti-cellulitis oil for body massage

Anti-cellulitis oil “Topaz” for body massage has precious properties of this gem. It can also provide energy, inflame the passions, give an optimistic look at the life.

This is wonderful cosmetics for any type of skin, especially for women of elegant age. It stimulates microcirculation, tones up, lifts and rejuvenates. This oil is used in anti-cellilitis programms. «Topaz» actively stimulates weight loss process in combination with other methods. Oils of pumpkin seeds, peach, black papper and also essential oils (cloves and cinnamon extract), contained in “Topaz”, increase skin elasticity and prevent an «orange skin». .

Thanks to warming effect, «Topaz» gives pleasant sensations of spreading warmth and it is a strong energostimulator. Massage with oil «Topaz»instills fresh forces into a woman , self-reliance, an ardent desire to make her man happy and successful. But it is a woman who gives a man energy, thirsts for live and stimulus to new victories.


«EMERALD» - lymphodrainage oil for body massage

Lymphodrainage oil “Emerald” for body massage, like «stone of shining», as emerald was named by the ancient Greeks, gives the skin a wonderful glow. . It has an effect of edema reduction, tones and rejuvenates the skin, favours disappearance of capillary patterns. It actively splits fat and has a lymphodrainage effect, removes toxins and relieves stress.

Emerald was considered a stone of coolness and hope in Rus. Oil “Emerald” has also a freshened effect Menthol contained in oil will give comfortable freshness sensation in hot summer time and lucidity of mind. Essential mint oil will give fresh aroma. Pumpkin seed oil and grape seed oil moisten the skin and remove tiredness. Sesame oil makes the skin tender and velvety.

It was considered that emerald saves from sleeplessness and dreams disturbed the peace of mind. Massage with oil «Emerald» will make your nights full of fiery passion and the problem with sleeplessness will be solved itself.


«CITRINE» -  tonic oil for body massage

Soft sun color of this massage oil follows a citrous tint of the precious stone of the same name. The oil has light aroma of essential lemon and grapefruit oils. Your body will have also pleasant and fresh aroma, receive energy, it will be elastic and velvety. «Citrine» has a powerful antioxidative effect and cleans the skin removing toxins thanks to grape seed oil.

Massage oil «Citrine» stimulates metabolic process of the skin, strengthens the structure of the connective tissue. It favours the improvement of body contours, makes lift massage high-efficient, increases skin turgor, lifts the skin. It helps to solve problems appeared after pregnancy or fast lose weight. Combination of 8 oils moistens the skin, prevents its fading, regenerates tissues, ensures rejuvenated effect.


«AMETHYST» -  calm relaxing oil for body massage

Аметист - успокаивающее масло для массажа тела

Thiscalm relaxing oil for body massage calms your nervous system , relieves muscle and emotional tension, betters mood. These fine characteristics are related to inside energy of precious stone – amethyst which is recommended for calming inquietude, to find peace and inside harmony, to preserve health.

This oil gives lightness sensation, tonics the skin, improves its protective properties and blood circulation , reduces edema. It helps as specialists in beauty salons, so at home to give and receive pleasure from massage. The massage oil «Amethyst» is used when general tiredness, for recovery strength and emotional balance. It gives slide effect, sensation of relaxation, calm and the joy of life.

Essential lavender oil contained in «Amethyst»» removes excess liquid from organism. And it’s pleasant aroma allows to plunge into a dream, to feel bliss. Massage with oi «Amethyst» » gives wonderful sensations which are similar to those which you feel when fine necklace with precious stone touches your skin.


«TOURMALINE» - regenerated oil for body massage.

Турмалин - регенерирующее масло для массажа тела

Mysterious exotic aroma regenerated oil «Tourmaline» for body massage massage attracts and charms like shining of rare precious stone. Exclusivity of this oil is in the content of biologically active substances contained in it, which favours skin cell regeneration and favours its structure.

Vitamins E, F contained in the oil «Tourmaline» have wound healing effect and improve the skin functions. Provitamin А has calming and regenerative effects, it rejuvenates the skin. Massage with oil«Tourmaline» influences positively on any type of the skin, favours the health improvement, nourishes it and prevents pigment spots appearance.
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