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Hard gelatin capsules of 700 mg. 1 package contains 50 capsules.


Mineral complex of animal origin obtained from poultry eggshell which contains 27 macro-, micro- and ultra mineral elements. Main component is calcium carbonate. 1 capsule contains 245 mg of calcium carbonate that makes up 20 % of daily demand. Bioassimilability of calcium contained in «Calcimin» is 85-90%.



General health-improving food supplement. It makes up for deficiency in macro- and micro elements, normalizes metabolism. It has anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, disintoxicant effects..


  • prevention of caries;
  • growth and physical development disorders in children and teenagers (including rachitis);
  • for expectant and nursing mothers;
  • treatment and prophylaxis of osteoporosis in women upward 40 years old and in men upward 50 years old;
  • in the states of mineral substance deficit because of poor nutrition;
  • allergic reactions (as additional treatment);
  • prolonged glycocorticoid and diuretic therapy; for neutralization of damaging influence of ionizing radiation on organism;
  • as a tonic in overstrain, nervous exhaustion, in recovery period after endured trauma, operations, infectious and virus diseases;
  • if you drink a lot of coffee, fizzy, spirits, take a lot of salt and you are a heavy smoker.

Interaction with other preparations.

There is no possibility of simultaneous taking Calcimin and antagonists of calcium ions (Verapamil, Nifedipin and other). It is necessary to take Calcimin not earlier than 2 hours prior to taking above-mentioned preparations at simultaneous prescribing antibiotics of and tetracycline series, iron preparations, anticolvulsant.

Method of application and dosage.

1 capsule 2 times daily during a meal.Treatment course 3-4 weeks


Individual intolerance to the components.

Shelf life.

2 years.

Storage conditions.

In dry place at room temperature.

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