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Dosage form.

Hard gelatin capsules of 300 mg. 1 package contains 30 capsules or 90 capsules, or 200 capsules.


Protein and vitamin complex of pumpkin seeds and licorice. It contains: protein - not less than 18%, fat – not more than 7%, cellulose – not more than 12,5%, glycyrrhizic acid- not less than 2,5 mg/capsules, bioflavonoids, delta-7-sterol, selenium, zinc, magnesium salts, arginine, lysine.

Investigation of clinical effectiveness and application safety of natural plant formula «Prostamen» in patients with chronic noninfectious prostatitis.

«Prostamen» was prescribed for the patients inside 1 capsule 3 times daily at mealtime. Treatment course was 2 months. All patients were generally clinic investigated to determine clinical chronic prostatitis (CCP), microscopy of the prostate gland secretion and detailed spermogram.

It was mentioned that painful syndrome is stopping in the patients during one week of the treatment course. Dysuric disorders have also been stopped at the end of this date.

Stable normalization of the leukocyte content in the prostate secretion was at the end of the 1st month of the treatment. At the same time sharp increase in their content has been after 2 weeks of the preparation application thanks to recovery of the drainage function of the glandular acinus. Normalization of lecithin granules content in the prostate gland secretion was marked at 2nd - 3rd weeks. Percentage of the mobile spermatozoa contained in spermogram has been increased by more than 2 times at the end of the treatment course. Amount of pathologic forms of spermatozoa in spermogram was decreased to the same degree. Improvement of the clinical state of the patients with chronic nonspecific prostatitis was followed with normalization of spermogram indices.

«Prostamen» revealed effective anti-inflammatory and anti-edema action in treatment of chronic nonspecific prostatitis. It normalizes hormonal regulation of the prostate gland function, improves fertile properties of ejaculate. Side effects and complications were not revealed
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