Gram concentrate

концентрат из нута

Gram is translated as «might» and «force». It is not accidental that king Ekhnaton, the husband of the belle Nefertity, is pictured on Egyptian fresco with gram twing which means a virile strength and power.

The history testifies that gram has not only been used for food since the ancients but also it has been widely used for therapeutic purposes. So, Dioscorides said that young seeds of these beans influence positively on the stomach function. Pliny advised to use them as diuretic and also as the mean which stimulates lactation. Dodoneus said that gram is a sexual stimulator which increases potency.

Today science proves that systematic use of the gram concentrate seriously reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, stimulates gastrointestinal tract function, stabilizes the sugar level in blood, prevents oncological diseases development, normalizes the liver function, favours to dilution of the kidney stones, strengthens our nervous and immune systems, reduces noticeably cholesterol level in blood.

Legumes have to make up ideally in our ration no less than 8-10%, or 15-20 kg/year.

Since olden times it has been mentioned that regular use of the gram calms and balances the state of a man. This is explained with content of 20 essential amino acids in the gram’s protein, methionine, tryptophan, cysteine and also one of deficiency amino acids - lysine. Plant protein provides cell regeneration. Intake of 0,2 g of protein for 1 kg of the weight is necessary that don’t allow protein fasting. The gram is similar to beef meat according to amount and content of protein. Though gram protein is easily adopted to 20-33% than beef protein without fat support which is always available even in lean meat. This makes the gram concentrate simply indispensable in a dietary and vegetarian nutrition.

Protein of the gram which is available every year has a delightful taste and similar to the walnut.

Carbohydrates are also the main component of the gram. Lack of lactose in the carbohydrates of the gram beans which causes diathesis in children allows to use the gram for treatment this diseases.

Gram contains vitamins В1, В2, carotene (provitamin А), vitamins С and РР. Great amount of vitamins В reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases and their severe consequences, such as stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure.

Gram contains pyridoxine which takes part in fission and synthesis of amino acids. Dermatitis and spasms are caused with deficiency in this vitamin.

The gram is rich in potassium and folic acid, so it should be considered as healthy food. It protects our organism from infection and cleans blood. Gram concentrate will give you energy increased ferrous stock that is especially important for women when an organism is suffered from iron deficiency.

Gram concentrate is a magnificent source of manganese as a mineral which is a constituent part of many ferments (important for an antioxidative defence of an organism and energy output). It makes our hair strong and beautiful. Only 1 cup of the gram corresponds to 84,5% of the daily norm of manganese.

Gram concentrate is an excellent source of minerals, especially molybdenum which is essential component of the ferment responsible for neutralization of harmful preservative usually added to finished articles.

Thanks to great amount of selenium, the gram is considered as anticarcinogenic means.

Gram positively influences on our digestion and weight as it contains a lot of cellulose and dietary fibers. Gram blocks income of radioactive metals in an organism.

Gram flour is used as poultice for softening furuncles and carbuncles, it is effective in treatment of “hot” hard swellings and also those which are sometimes in glands.

It is evident that ardour for fatty refined food with deficit of active components leads to self-destruction of our organism. Dietitians of all over the world make a list of functional products.

In the Middle East the gram is used for preparing classic dishes: hummus, falafel, baba Ganush. It is hard to imagine not only real pilaff, but also fantastic ragout from juicy lamb in the Midle Asia. In the Caucasus and Azerbaijan soup "Dovga" is cooked with the gram on the basis of sour milk. In Tuscan the gram is used for cooking a nourishing pottage. In Spain delicious pasta is cooked from gram addition with nut smell. In Tunisia goulash - ratatuy is cooked. Gram flour is an important ingredient of many Indian sweets and sauce. When baking pasties and rolls an addition of gram flour to wheat flour makes them more tasty and nutrient.

Gram flour slows down aging of the skin and the whole organism that is why it is used for the skin clearance and freckles removal. Gram powder makes the skin like satin after Thai oil massage.

Contemporaries apply gram concentrate as foodstuff and cosmetics with therapeutic effect.


100 g of the gram concentrate contains: vitamin A - 0,19 mg; В1 - 0,29 mg; В2 - 0,51 mg; В6 - 0,55 mg; С - 3,87 mg; РР - 2,25 mg. Microelements in mg/%: potassium - 968, calcium - 192, magnesium - 126, sulphur - 198, phosphorus - 446, aluminium - 708, boron - 750, iron - 967, selenium - 28, zinc – 2100, etc.

Method of application.

Put 1 table spoon of the gram concentrate to the whey or dairy product "Tan" and mix in blender. Take it 1-2 times daily.

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