15-th inter-regional exhibition "Medicine in our life. Ural stomatology. Optics-2011"

From March 15 till March 17th, 2011 the fifteenth inter-regional exhibition "Medicine in our life. Ural stomatology. Optics-2011" has passed in the sporting-and-training complex “UralGUFK” in Chelyabinsk. Organizers of the exhibition were: Ministry of Health of the Chelyabinsk area; Governance of public health services of administration of Chelyabinsk; National institute of informatics, analysis and marketing in the field of stomatology (NIIAMS), ООО "Association of stomatologists"; the exhibition center "East gate".

Association of stomatologists ООО; the exhibition center "East gate".

Europa-Biofarm ZAO NPO  has been awarded with the diploma for active participation in the exhibition and for high level of the presented exposition.

Medicine in our life.

XV medical exhibition «Healthy life-style 2011»

From 22 March till 25 March, 2011 XV medical exhibition “Healthy life-style 2011” has passed in Palace of Culture "Neftyanik" in Ufa. Organizers of the exhibition were: Ministry of Health of Bashkortostan Republic, the state unitary enterprise "Bashpharmacy" of Bashkortostan Republic and commercial innovative center "Ligas". Europa-Biofarm ZAO NPO is the regular participant of medical exhibitions in Ufa. Europa-Biofarm ZAO NPO was awarded with  diploma “For assistance to a healthy life-style, for strengthening health and preservation of beauty” for active participation in this exhibition.

Healthy life-style 2011


In Krasnoyarsk 9th International exhibition “YENISEIMEDIKA” occurred in Youth Exhibition Entertainment Centre "Siberia from March 10 till March 12. In  public health services it  was a great event for the Siberian region. Europa – Biofarm took active part in this exhibition and it was awarded by the diploma “For manufacture and promotion of drugs “TYKVEOL" and “YUGLANEX” to the market of the Krasnoyarsk region.

9th International exhibition “YENISEIMEDIKA”

Orthodox fair “Omsk St. Silvester is Light of the Siberian Land”

In Omsk from February 22 till February 27, 2011 the fourth international Orthodox exhibition-fair “Omsk St. Silvester is Light of the Siberian Land” has passed in exhibition center "Continent" with the blessing of the Omsk and Tarsky Right Reverend Metropolitan  Feodosiy. The Omsk eparchy and an exhibition society “Ural exhibitions” organized this exhibition. More than 120 thousand persons visited the exhibition. Europa – Biofarm ZAO took part in it. Our drugs "Tykveol" and "Juglanex", vegetable and greens oils, chick-pea concentrate were very popular.

Hair dye damages the liver

Some of woman dyes at home and someone applies for the help to experts. However, you should know about recent discovery of the scientists from Great Britain regardless of hair dye, which you use.

After long-term observations in which tens of women-volunteers took part, it has been established, that usage of hair-dye can lead to liver cirrhosis. Harmful substances contained in dyes influence harmful on the liver. By the way these substances were not defined in this message, however, their presence in all modern dyes was scientifically substantiated.

Thus, scientists declared that if a woman dyes every month and during more than 5th years, she seriously risks health of the liver.

Tykveol is recommended for treatment and prophylaxis of the above mentioned liver affections because of the unique chemical  composition of Tykveol and its recovering, anti-inflammatory, antitoxic effect on the digestive system and on the liver.

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