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P. № 002321/03

P. № 002321/01-2003

P. № 002321/02

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Drug dosage form.

– Oil for intake in dark glass bottles of 100 ml.
Registration certificate Р. № 002321/03.

– Capsules of 450 mg (polymeric can).
Registration certificate Р. № 002321/01-2003.

– Rectal suppositories (contour cell packages).
Registration certificate Р. № 002321/02.


Complex of biologically active substances from pumpkin seeds, carotenoids, tocopherols, phospholipids, sterols, phosphatides, flavonoids, vitamins В1, В2, С, РР, saturated, unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids (including linolic acid not less than 51,7%), zunk, manganese, calcium, magnesium.

Pharmacological action.

Hepatoprotective, choleretic, anti-inflammatory, regenerated, dermatoprotective, anti-atherosclerotic actions and inhibitory action of the prostate gland hyperplasia.

Pharmacological properties.

Tykveol recovers functions of cell membranes. It has marked anti-oxidant and hepatoprotective actions, it normalizes gall biochemical composition , it influences on the structure of epithelial tissue providing differentiation and и physiological function of epithelium, reduces edema and improves microcirculation at the stage of trophic disorders and epithelization, has protective influence on the granulation, stimulates trophic and metabolic processes in tissue, inhibits cell proliferation of the prostate gland when benign hyperplasia, reduces intensity of inflammatory processes, it has a bacteriostatic action.


Hepatitis, fatty liver degeneration, liver cirrhosis, cholestasis, dyskinesia of biliary paths, treatment after operations in hepatobiliary zone, gastritis, peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, esophagitis, duodenitis,
colitis, haemorrhoids, atherosclerosis, lipid metabolism disorders of different genesis, chronic prostatitis, benign hyperplasia of the prostate gland (1-st and 2-nd stages).

Local: herpes, dermatitis, diathesis, psoriasis, eczema, burns and burn diseases, wounds, including gunshot wounds, erosion of the cervix uterus, endocervicitis, parodontosis, gingivitis, stomatitis..

Rectal: benign hyperplasia of the prostate gland (prophylaxis and treatment of 1-st and 2-nd stage of adenoma), chronic prostatitis, sexual disorders when prostatitis, haemorrhoids, fractures and eczema of an anal zone, perianit, before- and after operational treatment in proctology.



Side effects.

Dyspepsia, diarrhea (reduce dosage).

Method of application and dosage.

Inside:1 teaspoon 30 minutes before meal-time or 4 capsules during the meal or after the meal 3-4 times daily during 1-3 months; External use: oil affected areas 2-3 times daily;

Through rectum:when hemorrhoids and prostatitis (in addition to application inside) – microclysters: 5 ml is injected into the anus in a day (a patient should be lying during 10-15 minutes after procedure) or 1 suppository 1 time daily for a night; in gynecology- vaginal tampons 2 times daily; when parodontosis - applications; in urological and proctologic practices – 1 suppository 1-3 times daily during 10-15 days and more than 4 weeks.

Special indications.

Duration of the therapy must be not less than 2-3 weeks – when diseases of gastrointestinal tract, 4 weeks - when pathology of the prostate gland, 6-8 weeks – when diseases of the liver. Capsules are not recommended for patients with diseases of mucous coat of stomach (ulcer of stomach and duodenum, gastritis, esophagitis, duodenitis).

Shelf life.

2 years.

Storage conditions

In a lightproof place and at temperature -10 °C - +25 °С. Suppositories – in a dry and lightproof place at temperature not above +5 °С.

Drug-store distribution conditions..

Over-the-counter drugs.

Clinical researches.

Clinical researches were carried out in Sechenov’s Medical Academy of Moscow, Sklifosovsky’s Scientific – research institute of acute care, Research Institute for the Traditional Methods of Treatment, Scientific – research institute of psychiatry and narcology of Moscow, Scientific – research institute of neurosurgery named after Burdenko, Research institute of surgery named after Vishnevsky, State Research Center of laser medicine, Medical Academy of Volgograd, Regional and Municipal clinical hospital
of Volgograd, Hospital for disabled veterans, Clinical hospital №18 and №25, Dermatologic dispensary of Volgograd, Children’s allergic Center of Ekaterinburgh, Moscow Scientific – research institute of urology.

has been included in the Register of Russian Drugs since 1995 and in the reference book “Vidal” since 1998. The drug was diplomaed with 50 diplomas of international exhibitions.
1 teaspoon of Tykveol содержиться contains as much biologically active substances,
as 3 kg of pumpkin does. Daily dose of the drug contains daily norm of vitamins А, Е, F.

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