«We work out and produce new health and beauty products - phytopreparations, functional food stuffs, cosmetics produced from ecologically clean raw material!»

Company history (development history of Tykveol)

Pharmaceutical scientific production association «Europa-Biofarm» was founded in 1991.The main activity was re-equipment of agricultural machinery for watermelons harvesting. It has been interested during the work why pumpkin seeds were bought in large quantity and why Russia sold them without processing. 10 types of pumpkin oil of different color, taste, smell and chemical composition were produced thanks to different technologies of pumpkin seed processing. The first experiment on therapeutic effect of the drug, produced from pumpkin seeds, on the impaired liver has been carried out after investigations continued several months in the Research Institute of Hygiene, Toxicology and Occupational Pathology in December 1991. Numerous investigations carried out in Moscow laboratories and clinics have been done after this experiment.

In 30 of December 1994 the Order №302 issued by Ministry of Health and Medical Industry was signed that the drug «Tykveol» was registered in Russian Federation and allowed for medical use and commercialization.

Activity priority of Europa-Biofarm ZAO is directed to creation of health-improving technologies preserved individual health potential during the whole life of man as the basis of diseases prevention in all age groups. Activity peculiarity of Europa – Biofarm ZAO NPO is control of technological process beginning from tillage and seeds preparation to finished products. Scientific and industrial potential of the company allows of producing drugs and food supplements with polyfunctional bioregulatory properties, foodstuffs and cosmetics, to elaborate and produce mechanized facilities for agriculture.

Applied manufacturing technologies do not only save and concentrate plant energy, but also provide conservation and rise of health reserve of those who takes products of Europa-Biofarm ZAO NPO.

Natural drugs have the following advantages:

  • minimal negative influence on organisms;
  • widely used as the means with medioprophylactic action and for improvement of the life quality;
  • there are no analogs among synthetic drugs;
  • relatively low cost.

We elaborate, produce and sale:

  • Drugs («Tykveol», «Yuglanex»);
  • Bioregulators;
  • Cosmeceutics;
  • Functional foodstuffs, plant protein of pumpkin seeds;
  • Vegetable oils produced from fruits, vegetables, berries, greens and spicy;
  • Farming machines - technological lines to process melons and gourds for seeds.

The products were appreciated because of high quality and awarded with diplomas and medals of more than 200 regional, national and international medicine exhibitions, including «Green Week» (Berlin 2003, 2004, 2007), «Medica» (Dusseldorf, 2003, 2005), «Agrotechnic» (Hannover, 2003), «Golden autumn» 2003-2006, «ProdExpo - 2007», etc.

Today our company is engaged in more than 30 activities directed to complex solution of the problem concerning elaboration and production new products which are in demand.

Quality management system ISO 9001 is certified by BVQJ. The main development mission of the company is production growth to world level, competitiveness, safety and high quality of the drugs.

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