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Dosage form.

Hard gelatin capsules of 500 mg. 1 package contains 30 capsules.


Complex food supplement which contains dry extract of green walnut and eggshell. Main component is calcium carbonate (not less than 122,5 mg/g), iodine – not less than 250 micrograms /100 g, ascorbic acid – not less than 60 mg/100 g, bioflavonoids – not less than 10 mg/100 g, naphthoquinone uglon, Vitamins В, С, РР. 1 capsule contains not less than 85 mg of calcium carbonate.



General health-improving food supplement. It makes up for deficiency in calcium, iodine and vitamin С (ascorbic acid), bioflavonoids. It has vasotonic action, normalizes function of nervous system, thyroid gland. It is a good immunocorrector.

It is recommended.

  • when unbalanced nutrition;
  • during the growth of child;
  • for expectant and nursing mothers;
  • during menopause;
  • at middle age;
  • when catarrhal diseases;
  • when chronic tiredness, stress;
  • when osteoporosis;
  • when state accompanied by high demand for calcium.

Method of application and dosage .

2 capsules daily during a meal.

Shelf life.

12 months.

Storage conditions.

In dry and lightproof place at temperature not above +25 °С.

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